Monday, September 27, 2010

New Poll: How Much Do You Make?

I've asked the question before, and I'm asking again. It is the question that everybody wants the answer to, but nobody wants to ask it. Since I write an anonymous blog, that gives me the unique luxury of being able to ask the question without personally offending anybody. I mentioned before how readers are innately curious other people's net worth. I think this is because of people's natural curiosity -- wanting to assess how one is doing compared to others.

The last time I asked the question, I received a few responses such as these:

married female, 30 years old (husband is 30 years old). both of us completely self made professionals with degrees from state schools. rental income is approximately $60,000. combined household income is approximately $200,000.

Male, Married,Age 29 and 28, both MSEE, both work for the same company, combined salary 240k. Networth 273k.

So, now I'm asking again: how much do you make? Anonymous comments are welcome. I want to assure you that my Blogger account does not collect Email addresses or any other personal information, if you select "Anonymous" on the comment form. To be doubly sure, you can also sign out of Blogger.

Also I have an updated annual income poll in the sidebar of my blog. I recently reset the poll to adjust the income ranges. In constructing the original poll, I deliberately set the income ranges to correspond with the net worth comparison tool on the CNN Money website; the ranges that CNN Money used were not consistently spaced. This time, I've evenly spaced the ranges in $50k increments. Also, I mentioned that I've been having problems with blogger polls, and that the old poll was no longer recording new submissions. If you've answered the old poll before, please submit your answer again.



Robin said...

Got this code too. Cheers!

pfstock said...

You're welcome. If readers have noticed seemingly random sequences of letters and numbers in my blog, please visit My Coke Rewards Codes for an explanation of why I'm giving away free coke rewards codes on my blog.