Friday, May 28, 2010

Blogroll Update

I have recently cleaned out and updated my Blogroll (Blog List) in the sidebar. Blogs are sorted with the most recently updated blog at the top. I regularly read posts in my blog list, and I like that I can quickly tell which blogs have been recently updated.

I am removing Retiring Early and Finance Puzzle from the Blog list because they appear to be dead blogs. I have also added a "Links" page which is directly below the PFStock header. This page contains blogs that don't have a traditional blogroll. These blogs have been moved to the Links page: Moneymonk, Growing Money, and Saving to Invest. Realm of Prosperity has inexplicably removed its link to PFStock, so I am deleting this blog from my list.

Being listed in the PFStock blog list can be a benefit, especially to new PF bloggers. Once listed on the blog list, your blog will be linked from every page PFStock has published since 2006. That will translate to hundreds of links to your blog.

You can have your blog listed for FREE at PFStock, if you have a bona fide personal finance blog. Please Email me (my contact information is listed in the sidebar) about exchanging links. Since I regularly read posts from blogs in my blog list, this would automatically increase your readership. Note that I do not currently link to commercial, real estate, or multi-level marketing blogs.

Only personal finance blogs that are written by individual bloggers on a not-for-profit basis qualify for a free listing in the blog list. Blogs and websites that do not qualify for a free listing may inquire about the advertising rates offered for PFStock sponsors.



Moneymonk said...

Your blog is listed

pfstock said...

Hi Moneymonk: Thanks for the comment. Your blog is listed on the Links Page.