Sunday, July 15, 2007

Whole Foods Recommendation Withdrawn

In the past, I made a stock recommendation to buy Whole Foods Market Inc (Nasdaq: WFMI). However, due to recent events involving the CEO of Whole Foods, PFStock is withdrawing its recommendation of Whole Foods (WFMI). To make a long story short, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has admitted to making anonymous comments about Whole Foods and its competitors on Yahoo Finance. Using the Yahoo user ID "rahodeb," Mackey had posted negative comments about a competitor, Wild Oats Markets Inc (Nasdaq: OATS). These comments were made prior to Whole Foods' offer to acquire Wild Oats.

This type of behavior is simply not appropriate for a CEO-level employee. As a direct result of Mackey's reckless judgment, Whole Foods is now the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) inquiry. Needless to say, this is not good news. Due to these recent developments, I cannot recommend WFMI to anybody.


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