Thursday, June 7, 2007

Microsoft Money Issues

I have recently been having problems downloading transactions from TD Ameritrade to Microsoft Money 2004. One of my computers has this older version of MS Money installed on it. I use the Deluxe version of MS Money. After attempting to update my brokerage account, I get an error message saying that "There is a problem with the data received from this online provider."

For years, I have been using Microsoft Money with TD Ameritrade and its predecessor, Waterhouse Securities. This new error only occurs in the "Waterhouse" accounts that were recently transfered to TD Ameritrade. This problem doesn't seem to happen with my original Ameritrade accounts, or with E*TRADE.

On the other hand, I have purchased a new copy of MS Money Deluxe almost every year since 2002, and I haven't seen the same downloading problem with the current 2007 version of MS Money. I will also note that I received a notification from Microsoft saying that they will soon discontinue supporting updates to Money 2004. Their policy is to discontinue updates three years after the introduction of a product. This is obviously a way for Microsoft to force its customers to upgrade, and pay for new software.

There are a few things that I think are better in Money 2004 than in the new Money 2007. For example, you can more easily switch from viewing one investment to another in the 2004 version. There is a drop-down box with the names of all of the securities that you entered into money. This feature doesn't exist in the 2007 version. Also, the latest version of Money only runs under Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows Vista.


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