Friday, June 1, 2007

Annoying Magazine Ads

You know the ads that I'm talking about. When you read a magazine, it will open up to the page with the advertisement. The ads make it hard for you to stay on the page that you're actually reading. And they're so big that they get in the way of everything else. They're the ones that are printed on heavy paper or cardboard, and sometimes have elements that stick out from the page. They are held in place with a rubbery glue. And when you finally remove the ad, it leaves a sticky residue that resembles a booger.

Whenever I encounter one of these ads, I tear it out and throw it away, almost as soon as I see it. I suppose this is not the advertisers original intent. But, I guess that it serves them right for being so obnoxious with their advertising. Recently, Philips ran an ad like this, and I found myself repeated tearing out the same ad from my Money, SmartMoney, and Business 2.0 Magazines.

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