Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Obsession Tagged

My blog has been tagged by Moneymonk in this game of obsession tag that is going around the blogosphere. I suppose that it is an invitation for me to list out my obsessions for the world to see...

My obsessions:
1) My wife and family are my first and most important obsession. As it should be, this has been more of a constant in my life, rather than just a temporary obsession. My dear wife, by the way, is often referred to as "my DW" on this blog. I recently remarked to a fellow blogger that my DW prohibits me from publicly disclosing detailed financial information or our net worth on the blog. For the sake of our marriage, this rule has stuck.

2) Gadgets, electronic or otherwise would constitute another main obsession. One example of a gadget I have is the Oregon Scientific wireless weather station that I bought a while ago. It has a radio-controlled (atomic) clock with alarm and electroluminescent backlight, indoor and outdoor (wireless) temperature and humidity sensors, a built-in barometer with altitude adjustment, and a weather trend indicator. Is that gadgety enough for you?

3) That investing and finance are among my obsessions shouldn't surprise my readers. I even started this blog to write about it. Recently, I have been more obsessed with IPOs. Other obsessive topics that I've written about include the brokerage Ameritrade and the online bank NetBank.

4) Tracking readers of my blog could be considered an obsession. Through the site meter I have been tracking my visitors' locations, what they are reading, and oftentimes what they were searching for. Sorry that I recently turned off the site meter statistics for public viewing. As I have grown as a blogger, I now consider these stats to be proprietary information.

5) The last and most recent obsession is trying to determining who started this whole game of obsession tag! As far as I can tell, I have tracked it back to a 20-year old in girl in Malaysia named Jessica whose blog, the Undeniable Beauty, was nominated for an award as the "Most Obnoxious Blogger".

So who is left to tag? I pick Smarty of Growing Money, Frugal of My 1st Million at 33, Kira of Penny Foolish, Blunt Money, and 2million.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me. Does this mean I will have to think of 5 obsessions too and tag 5 other people?

I thought of a very similar tag idea a few years ago but either due to lack of popularity or lack of my free time, it never really worked out. My idea was to create a string of tags that will touch every blogger. It works like this:
I write a post about you and link to your website. Then you would write a post about another person and link to that blog. Essentially, there's a virtual string that binds all of us and people can traverse this virtual string by clicking on these posts that will lead them from one blog to another.

pfstock said...

Listing your obsessions is the general idea. The originator of the thread, the aforementioned Jessica, only listed 4 obsessions and tagged 2 people. The idea of using 5 obsessions and 5 people must have been inserted somewhere else along the way.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for more on NetBank. There might even be some big news this coming week.

L said...

Now that she's 4 years older maybe she's not quite as obnoxious anymore...