Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blogger Beta Strikes PFStock

I've been resisting the move to the new Blogger Beta for as long as I could. However last month, Google automatically changed my blog over to Blogger Beta. Now, some blog elements no longer display correctly, especially when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Most notably, I noticed that the title "DC's Personal Finance and Stock Investing Blog" has been cut off by the blogger bar.

I am not alone. There are several other PF blogs that have some sort of display issue after having changed to the new Blogger version. A few blogs that I've noticed with significant problems in IE7 are Retiring Early, Growing Money, Money Monk, and Moomin Valley. To these blog owners: if you aren't aware of the problems with your blog, I can Email you a screen capture of what it looks like under IE7.

All new PC computers come with Internet Explorer 7 installed, and about one quarter of my blog readers currently use IE7. This number is should rise in time, as people upgrade their computers and software. So, what should I do? I am considering either modifying the existing template for PFStock, or going to a new one all together. Since I have used the same template since I first started PFStock, it might well be time for an update. I'm looking for a template that looks more modern than this one called "Son of Moto". Does anybody have a suggestion?

One other thing that Blogger Beta changed is the URL for PFStock's RSS feed. The URL is now I have had to update a couple of my external RSS readers to point to this new site feed. I hope that my readers were able to update their feeds. Either that, or they might think that I've been on an extended vacation.

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fin_indie said...

Yeah, I noticed that I have the same cut-off issue in IE7, but I'm not exactly sure what I can do about it. Any thoughts?

L. Marie Joseph said...

I did not know, email me

I use IE6 therefore I never realize a problem

pfstock said...

I am planning to change the blog template for PFStock. I had originally considered the blog template that Retiring Early uses. However, I noticed that a series of down arrows were embedded in the background design, and felt that would be a bad omen for a blog about finance and stocks.

fin_indie said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence :)