Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Blogroll

I have been writing for PFStock for about five months now. I am surprised that (so far) nobody has asked me to put their blog onto my Blogroll. By contrast, I've recently been fighting blog spam. I found a bunch of irrelevant comments or links to advertising sites on my blog, which I have deleted.

Anyway, the invitation remains out to legitimate PF bloggers. If you have a personal finance or investing blog, please send me an Email, and I will consider including a link to it. (Note that my Email address is listed in the right side column of my blog.) However, I won't generally link to another blog that doesn't contain original material, or that has more ads than useful text. Even I have standards...



Sean said...

There is an explosion of pf blogs in the past year. 5 months is not really that long, it took me a while too, but you'll gain popularity as you write more and have other bloggers linked to you. I've added your site to my links. Please do the same.

Growing Money

tr8drnorb said...

Well, I'm a newbie blogger myself so I couldn't pass up the invitation. I've been reading various PF blogs for months now and just loving it. I've enjoyed your posts. I will add you to my blogroll (even though I have no traffic to speak of yet - working on it). Please do the same.