Saturday, December 30, 2006

Are Macs Irrelevant?

In my post about recently installing Internet Explorer 7 on my computer, I had mentioned that I have added a Site Meter to my blog. This lets me keep track of some statistics, like browser share. Currently (as of 12/30/06), Internet Explorer represents 61% of the browsers used to view my blog. Firefox is represented by 38%, and the other 1% is an Opera browser.

One of the other statistics that is tracked is operating system (OS). Currently, 100% of the blog readers are using some version of Windows. This means that 0% of you are using an Apple Macintosh. While this is very surprising, Macs almost always represent less than 5% of my audience. I will occasionally see some Linux or UNIX systems show up in the stats. And so far, nobody running Windows Vista (beta) has visited my blog. I have recently purchased a new Compaq computer (made by Hewlett-Packard), and I'm entitled to a copy of Windows Vista when it is officially released.

I suppose that these statistics represent who is visiting this blog, and not the general population as a whole. Since I write this blog for the personal finance community, I would assume that the Windows-based PC is the machine of choice in the area of personal finance.


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