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Australian Charities and Organisations That Assist the Unemployed

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There are times in our lives due to the economic downturn where a little assistance can go a long way. When unemployment or an illness has taken away the primary income in the family; outside help may be required. Fortunately, there are many charitable organisations in Australia can help you out. Non-profit organisations and charities may not be what immediately come to mind when you need a hand, but they can really make a difference.

Major charities have annual revenues that can easily exceed $100 million, and a lot of them get support from churches, wealthy individuals, and other major enterprises that want to help the deprived. There are even certain specialist lenders that provide emergency unemployment loans. Let’s take a closer look at some the most significant Australian charities that want to assist the unemployed and have managed to really make a difference over the years.

Fitted for Work
Fitted for Work is an organisation aimed at women who are unemployed, who want to obtain a job, and ultimately manage to attain financial independence.  They sponsor professional dress and mock interviews.  They also have a transition to work program.  Read their success stories, they will inspire you.

Job Support
Jobsupport has been helping people with disabilities to get a job for nearly 20 years now. The organisation is one of the most important in Sydney, and they’re constantly struggling to make society understand that handicapped people have the right to work and add their share of contributions to the state.

Boys Town
BoysTown is an organisation that helps young people, children, and families overcome severe disadvantages such as long-term unemployment, abuse, mental illness, and homelessness. The charity is fully committed to enabling and inspiring people reach their potential and overcome financial difficulties. Some of the main services include crisis care, employment, counseling, parenting, social development, education, life skills, and more.

Dress for Success
Dress for Success is an organisation that appeals to women who haven’t worked in years. The main goal of the charity is to help the ladies re-enter the workforce. They want to make a difference, and therefore they’re trying to help women through various means that they can make it on this economy even if they lack experience.

The charitable sector in Australia is extremely large. Thankfully, they offer a plethora of services and products delivered by non-profit organisations and charities. There are nearly 60,000 non-profit organisations currently active in Australia. Most of them are focused on specific communities and they operate locally. However, some of them are so expansive; they are able to help a huge number of unemployed Australian citizens. Notable organisations such as the Salvation Army, the Australian Red Cross, and the Sydney City Mission have hundreds of volunteers and paid workers. Like the charities listed previously, the unemployed are in good hands when they use the services of these organisations.

Even though times are tough; there are many charitable organisations that are available to help you. Put your pride aside and let them help to plant your feet on solid ground. Who knows, some day you may be able to pay it forward and help someone else or at least point them to one of these amazing organisations.

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