Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Add Supplemental Income to Make Ends Meet

Most individuals do not save nearly enough money for their many needs and goals, including for the future and retirement. While personal income is often to blame for not having ‘enough to go around’, there is also blame to be put on the individuals not exploring the opportunities they have when it comes to savings goals and other income-earning opportunities.

Savings goals should be a part of everyone’s personal financial system. Without identifying and putting away adequate cash for the savings goals you have, you likely won’t be successful in achieving personal financial success. Saving goals are just as important as your overall budget plan for making ends meet. Many people will struggle just meeting their basic financial obligations because they do not make enough money in their job. They forget about prioritizing their savings goals because there isn’t enough cash on a monthly basis to meet basic bills.

However, there are other resources where money can be made and added to one’s overall income. These resources should be pursued in order to find financial stability rather than sit back and lament lack of funding.

Overlooked Options - Where Are Your Resources?
For people struggling with deep debts, it is often necessary to take on a second job for the needed income. When we are doing okay financially but still not well enough to achieve our savings goals, supplemental income can be the key to overall personal finance success.

The current job market is tough. Many full time workers who have been downsized or out of a job have taken on many of the part time jobs people used to use as a resource for supplemental income. While part-time retail jobs and similar hourly work is still very much an option, these jobs may be harder to come by or may only be found on a temporary basis. Many will also not pay the kind of money you need to earn especially if the job hours interfere with your regular employment.

Ideally, to control the financial and time aspects of supplemental income, you can turn to your own skill sets. There are literally hundreds of different services you can provide on your own within your local neighborhood or solely online. Because of today’s tough job market, many people have been turning to entrepreneurism in order to access extra cash. Of those who have ventured out on their own, many have found not only success at earning the extra cash they set out needing, they have come to find a brand new full time career.

Exploring Your Talents
The odds are high that you have some type of talent, skill, or know-how that can be marketable to others. From crafts to dog walking to gardening to blogging, you can likely find a way to turn your skills into supplemental cash. Even if your current paycheck covers the bills, you still need to be thinking about the future. The extra income you earn can be allocated exclusively to your savings. Whether you turn your talent into a full-fledged career or continue to earn extra money throughout the month doing odd jobs, it is essential to make sure your money goals stay on track.

Marketing your talents in the age of social media and other online interaction is a low-cost and very effective means of supplementing to the income you already are making. Start by asking friends and family what you do best if you are unable to find initial direction. Start small to keep overhead costs low and grow as necessary. It may be important for you to remain discreet about your additional work with your present employer, especially if you have plans of performing the same kind of job. You should also refer to your current Employee Handbook from your full time employer to be sure there is not clause including containing a non-competes agreement, meaning you can not legally perform similar services because you signed an employment contract.

Whether you opt to perform physical labor like woodworking or offer to freelance your bookkeeping skills, you are opening the door not only for a stronger financial picture for the future ahead with the supplemental income now, you are also possibly establishing even more of a financially secure future if the supplemental services becomes a success.

About the Guest Author
This is a guest post by James Quinn. James is a personal finance writer with years of experience in the space. Besides the usually debt relief, credit and investment topics, James also turns to some alternative solutions such as supplemental income planning. To find out more about traditional or innovative ways to fight debt, visit the debt settlement blog.

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Ravi Gupta said...

Great point! Today there are many opportunities to making additional income it's all about being creative and putting the work into it. The job market is hard but everyone will always need something. If you can do it cheaper or better or possibly both you have a job!

-Ravi Gupta