Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tax Tips Giveaway: Final Week

The 4th of 5 winners in the PFStock Tax Tips Giveaway 2011 is Linda Fish. She will be receiving free H&R Block At Home Online Tax Preparation. If you haven't entered the drawing yet, please the is only one more chance to do so. The deadline to enter the last drawing is this Friday, February 11.

Here are some more user submitted tax tips that I've received:
  • My advice is to not lie about your income. Be honest and pay your taxes.
  • If you find you owe every year and adjusting your with holdings just isn't working out make sure to take the number you owe each year, divide it by the amount of paychecks you get per year, and stick it in a high yield online savings account. I say add at least $5-$10 more per paycheck so you have a cushion. In the worst case, you will have extra savings!

Please keep your tax tips coming, and good luck to everybody who enters. This contest will run through February 11.


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