Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Citibank 7-Eleven Free Coffee Coupon?

When I received my most recent Citibank statement, it included an advertisement (which they refer to as a "marketing notice") for ATMs at 7-Eleven stores. The ad says that Citibank customers can get cash from 7-Eleven ATMs without paying any ATM fees. At the bottom of the advertisement was a coupon good for a free small coffee from 7-Eleven (expires Dec. 31, 2010).

This got me wondering that if I had previously signed up for Citibank paperless statements, then I wouldn't have received a statement in the mail. Therefore, I would not have received this free coffee coupon. It is merely a curiosity of mine, but do people who only have online statements get the free coffee coupon mailed separately? Or do they lose out on the deal?


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