Friday, April 9, 2010

Money Market Rates 4/10

Here are the latest money market interest rates of the banks that I've been tracking on my blog. Note that these rates are sorted by APY, and represent institutions that I have accounts at, or have otherwise mentioned in my blog:

1.35% Discover Bank Online Savings
1.29% Ally Bank Online Savings
1.10% HSBCAdvance Online Savings
1.10% ING Direct Orange Savings
1.07% Shorebank Direct Online Savings
0.90% Citibank Ultimate Savings
0.65% Western FCU Money Market
0.50% Chase Premier Savings
0.40% E*TRADE Complete Savings
0.06% PayPal Money Market*

NOTES: *The PayPal Money Market fund is NOT FDIC insured.
Rates are believed to be accurate as of 4/8/10. I did not include banks that had special, or introductory rates in the list because they are not ongoing interest rates. I am also not including non-liquid accounts such as CD's in the list.

This month, I have added Discover Bank Online Savings to the list, which currently has the highest interest rate of the banks that I'm tracking. The latest bank casualty in my list of banks is Umbrellabank, which was a division of New South Federal Savings Bank. New South was closed by the FDIC in December, and the assets were transferred to Beal Bank. I will stop tracking the Pot O' Gold Money Market here.

So, there is the latest list. Please let me know if you know of any higher interest rates.



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