Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Much Do You Make?

That is the question that everybody would like to know the answer to, but nobody wants to ask. I mentioned before how readers are innately curious other people's net worth. I think this is because of people's natural curiosity -- wanting to assess how one is doing compared to others. When you read new blog or meet somebody new, do you ever wonder how much they make?

So, how much do you make? Madame X, who writes My Open Wallet (one of the blogs on my blog list), has asked the question not once but twice. Do you think she got any responses? In fact, she received hundreds of comments on her posts. Here are a few that I picked out.

I'm 35, I have an AS in Culinary Arts and I am a restaurant manager in Tallahassee, Fl. My base is 32,500 plus up to 12,000 in bonus.

24, Female, Process Engineer in a Healthcare Environment. Work remotely (from home) in ATL. 66K - all benefits 10K in bonuses for 76K total.

Live in Nashville, TN. I am 31 and work in sales. Made 87k last year, worked an average of 41 hours per week, have 1 month paid vacation, and have a full time personal assistant. This year due to the economy I am on pace for 64k.

35 yo single female in Denver with BS and MD degrees, making $350K/yr with $200K savings, work 60 hour weeks with weekends free to ski.

28 male living in north jersey. No college education - manager in retail (Never work Sundays) salary 78k + bonus and perks exceeding 10k. Don't let anyone fool you, there's is money to be made for hard workers with a lack of formal education.

Single male, mid 30s, in-house attorney for midsized corporation in Miami. Total income this year between 300K and 400K, depending on bonus.

So, now I'm asking: how much do you make?

Note: Anonymous comments are welcome. See also the annual income poll in the sidebar of my blog.


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Anonymous said...

married female, 30 years old (husband is 30 years old). both of us completely self made professionals with degrees from state schools. rental income is approximately $60,000. combined household income is approximately $200,000.

Anonymous said...

Male, Married,Age 29 and 28, both MSEE, both work for the same company, combined salary 240k. Networth 273k.

Anonymous said...

Male, 41, divorced. $145k AGI Net worth is low due to student loan debt load but 401k is maxed and I'm killing the loan too.

Anonymous said...

married Male, 42 275K + 50K options. Retail, networth 1.4MM wife unemployed, 1 child

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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