Monday, June 9, 2008

Stock Picking Contests

A couple of PF bloggers have been running stock picking contests for a few months now. Elias of FinancePuzzle is running one such stock picking contest. And Smarty of Growing Money is running another. Each of these bloggers is offering a prize to the winner -- typically a book or small cash prize. One peculiarity is that these contests are only open to bloggers, and not just regular readers. I suppose that this is an effort to generate more blog traffic through referrals from other blogs.

Anyway, for the month of June, I have chosen Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) for the
June 2008 FinancePuzzle Stock Picking Contest. For the June 2008 Growing Money Stock Challenge, I am picking Rackable Systems (Nasdaq: RACK).

Does anybody know of other PF bloggers that are running similar stock picking contests? To the other entrants in these stock picking contests, I wish you good luck too.


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