Saturday, February 2, 2008

Updates to the Blogroll

I wanted to take the opportunity to draw attention to a few blogs that I have added to my blogroll. The first blog is Finance Puzzle written by Elias Tsepouridis. This blog chronicles the author's financial thoughts, and he hopes to help his readers along the way. This blog's postings include many areas of personal finance including money saving tips, stock trading, and investing. A spreadsheet tallies a running total of the author's savings.

The second blog is Personal Financier which is written by Dorian Wales. Most articles focus on personal finance, economics, and business. But, the author also offers very insightful posts about making money blogging. Personally, I feel that the articles on this blog are very high quality, and wish that I could be as prolific as this writer is.

Lastly, I want to mention Realm of Prosperity written by Simon, a 20-year old college student. Many of his posts focus on a college student's struggles to make and save money. He has also written about stock investing, eBay, and making small amounts of money by taking internet surveys. His situation reminds me of myself 15 (maybe 20) years ago when I was in college. Currently, he seems to have a declining net worth, but hopefully this is only a temporary setback.

I am looking to add more blogs to my blogroll, so my invitation is still out to PF bloggers. If you have a bona fide personal finance blog, you can have your blog listed for FREE at PFStock (a $120/year value). Please Email me (my contact information is listed in the sidebar) and I will see if you qualify for a free link exchange.

Note that I do not currently link to commercial, real estate, or multi-level marketing blogs. Only personal finance blogs that are written by individual bloggers on a not-for-profit basis qualify for a free listing. Blogs and websites that do not qualify for a free listing may inquire about the low advertising rates offered for PFStock sponsors.


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