Friday, August 10, 2007

TD Ameritrade Online Documents

It seems that TD Ameritrade is having some issues with its online documents. For a while, my July online statements were not available online. The TD Ameritrade website had this notice regarding "July Statement Availability":

Electronic Statements for July are currently unavailable for some clients. We are working to make them available as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have further questions please contact Client Services.

But a larger issue for me is that I am missing several of my trade confirmations from the May-June 2007 time frame. These are trade confirmations that were previously listed under the "History & Statements" tab, but mysteriously disappeared sometime last week. A couple of Emails and a call to TD Ameritrade APEX customer service assured me that they are "aware of the problem and expect to have this issue resolved quickly." Well, it has been more that a week and my trade confirmations have not yet reappeared.

Banks and brokerages encourage their clients to agree to online delivery of account documents in part because it saves them money in the form of printing and mailing costs. I don't know about you, but when I agree to the arrangement of having my documents kept online, I also expect to be able to access them whenever I want. TD Ameritrade is only one example, as I think that most people who bank online can describe a situation where they were unable to access the online system because it was "down for maintenance" or "undergoing system enhancements". Is it any wonder that many people are still hesitant to do all of their banking online?

Also, I thought that I would update readers on my TD Ameritrade Warning that the brokerage would start to charge for monthly paper statements. They recently posted the following information about "Former TD Waterhouse clients receiving paper statements":

Most former TD Waterhouse clients who received paper statements in their old accounts will now receive paper statements on a quarterly basis in their TD AMERITRADE account. There is no fee for quarterly paper statements. Statements are also available in electronic or monthly paper formats. Electronic statements are free, monthly paper statements are available for a $2 monthly fee (free for Apex clients). To change how often you receive statements or the format you receive them in, login to your account and go to My Profile (under Portfolio & Accounts), then select Statements (located in the Communication section) and click the "edit" link.

Since I'm an Apex client, I get my monthly paper statements delivered for free. I did notice that the new TD Ameritrade statements take about two weeks longer to arrive versus the old TD Waterhouse statements, which came quickly. However, if they I did charge me for statements, I would probably opt for only quarterly statements.



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