Friday, April 13, 2007

Ameritrade SPAM Again!

I have written about getting SPAM at my Ameritrade Email address before. (See Ameritrade's Unimpressive Site Upgrade.) Toward the end of that post, I described a method where I use a unique Email address for my different bank and investment accounts. This is accomplished through Yahoo's "AddressGuard" feature. If I get spammed at one of these unique addresses, I can delete that Email address and create a new one.

Well, it has happened again! Two days ago, I started receiving spam at both my Ameritrade and Waterhouse Email addresses. The Waterhouse address has never before been compromised. This is now the fourth time that it has happened with Ameritrade! In addition, I have been getting correspondence from other bloggers who are experiencing the same issue. Their Email addresses were compromised as well. And, some are frustrated enough that they will begin moving their money out of Ameritrade as a result. This is a quote from one of the comments that I received:

Today, I have received four "pump 'n' dump" spams at two separate addresses -- one associated with Waterhouse which has been around for several years and another associated with Ameritrade which is only a few weeks old. These are the only two addresses out of the hundreds of vendor email addresses which I've created to be spammed in the last couple of days. If a trojan horse had stolen email addresses from my emailbox, I would have been receiving similar spams at many other addresses as well. The probability that ONLY these two Ameritrade addresses would have been selected for spamming is minute. One two real possibilities exist, in my opinion. 1) The addresses were sold. 2) The addresses were stolen. I believe that #2 is far more likely and worrisome since who knows what other personal data might have been stolen as well. Even more worrisome is the refusal of their "Tech Department" to consider the possibility that they have a problem.

I have received a similar response from TD Ameritrade's customer service people. So, is anybody else in the same boat as us?

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