Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Still Waiting for Windows Vista

A while ago, I had mentioned that I bought a new computer in order to secure a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista. The computer, which I bought back in November 2006, is a Compaq Presario SR2050NX and included the Windows XP MCE 2005 operating system. As part of the deal, I am supposed to receive Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium from Hewlett-Packard (the parent company of Compaq) after Vista's release. Well, Windows Vista was released back in January. So, where is my free upgrade?

The last time that I checked the status of my Windows Vista order, it said that Vista would be shipped in March 2007. It seems like a while to wait, since I can already go out and buy a new computer with Vista running on it now. On the other hand, compared to the old Dell computer running Windows 98, this new desktop computer is a big improvement. My old computer used to crash on a daily basis.

Is anybody else (who bought a new computer in the last 3-4 months) still waiting for their free Vista upgrade?

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fin_indie said...

WTF? I'd get on the line with their support folks and scream to high hell. The OS has been on the street for 6 weeks already, and as you pointed out, you can buy a machine today with the darn thing running on it! Furthermore, you can go buy the vista software at retail just about everywhere. It doesn't make any sense.

pfstock said...

Thanks for you comment. I know that you've been running Windows Vista for a while now. This is the latest line from the HP website:

Thank you for your patience over the past several months as we experienced some technical issues with HP’s Express Upgrade to Windows Vista Program.

We are very pleased to announce that HP will begin shipping Express Upgrade kits starting Monday, March 5, 2007 to HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario customers in the US and Canada that have completed their order requirements. Upgrade Kits will be shipped in the order that the valid proof of purchase was received by the fulfillment center.

So, I am still waiting...