Friday, January 19, 2007


I remember reading somewhere that one way to increase blog traffic and comments is to ask a lot of questions. So, here goes nothing:

1) Does anybody know of any youth savings accounts that are similar to Glendale Federal Savings's Squirrels Club?

2) Did anybody use my method to calculate the APY on their bank accounts? Curiously, this is one of my most popular posts, and I haven't figured out why. So far, there are no comments on this post.

3) Did anybody else say "Sayonara" to NetBank (Nasdaq: NTBK), after they ousted their CEO, and in light of their continuing decline? To be fair, NetBank did increase their interest rates slightly.

4) Can somebody answer my question about why online banks feel it is necessary to outwardly lie in order to attract new customers?

5) Has anyone gone through the IPO qualification process?

6) Did anyone else invest in Bare Escentuals (Nasdaq: BARE) stock?

7) Did anyone else attend The Money Show or Hard Assets Conferences?

8) Has anyone called up Ameritrade demanding to be switched to a higher rate money market fund as their Money Market Sweep vehicle? This is another very popular post.

9) Has anybody else read The Automatic Millionaire?

10) Anybody else want to exchange links for the blogroll? I have links to four very good blogs already:
Retiring Early
Growing Money
The Money Tortoise
Blunt Money
and I'm still looking for more...

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fin_indie said...

Thanks for the mention: that is a lot of questions! Hope you get some responses... As I've probably mentioned before, I've read the Auto. Millionaire and have also tried out your APY calc method -- and with good success.

Anonymous said...

I've gone through the IPO process in TD Ameritrade. I'm trying to get IPO qualification from Fidelity (from my frequent trading), which is the place where I want to move all my money. Fidelity has a lot more IPOs.

TD Ameritrade is offering a new IPO right now. Looks very interesting.

mOOm said...

You could link me? :)

pfstock said...

I have added Moomin Valley to the blogroll. Please note that the Links are only visible from the main or archive pages, but not from the individual post pages.

Would you consider adding PFStock to your blogroll as well?