Saturday, July 21, 2007

MSN Money Fiasco

MSN Money has recently "upgraded" its online account services. According to their website, MSN Money’s banking services have been updated to improve the online banking experience. This can be described in one word: fiasco! I logged into MSN to find that nearly all of my bank and brokerage accounts had little red exclamation points next to them. These exclamation points mean that the login information for each of these accounts needs to be updated.

It might be acceptable if I only had to re-enter the new updated information. But in most cases, I had to go through the whole process as if I were adding a new account. Then I have to delete the old account. I have to repeat this process as many times as I have accounts. So far, this task has already taken me hours, and I'm not even half way done.

Great job, Microsoft!


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